Multifunctional Telescope laser rangefinders distance meter tape measure range finder Monocular hunting golf 1000M SW 1000A

Multifunctional Telescope Laser Rangefinders Distance Meter Tape Measure Range Finder Monocular Hunting Golf 1000M SW
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Brand Namealloet
Power TypeRechargeable

Product Description

SW-1000A Portable Handheld 1000m Laser Distance Measuring Tool Telescope
SW-1000A Multifunctional Laser Distance Height Speed Meter Measuring Tool
The digital interface can display the data of the current target, the measurement data is clear, the measurement process is more convenient, and the efficiency of the work is increased.
To meet most exploration and exploration needs, greatly reduce your workload and improve work efficiency.
Special pulse laser positioning system, while fast measuring, the scene is more widely applicable.
With special diamond lens, the transmittance is higher, the lens is more vivid and the imaging effect is clearer. Under this premise, the accuracy of ranging is further improved.
The special high transmittance double side wide-band coating lens transmittance is up to 99.5%
The image is clear, and the high definition cable is displayed. At the same time, the identification of the small target in the distance is clearer. It is convenient for you to observe the tiny things in the distance and leave out a little detail.
A laser pulse is used to measure it. It is different from the direct light from the ordinary telescope. It is harmless to the eyes of the human body and protects your eyesight.
With the latest laser focusing technology, we can carry out the fast distance focal switch with large distance. At the same time, we can also ensure the accuracy of focusing, and facilitate you to observe objects at different distances.
It is light and easy to carry. It does not need to take up too much space. It is more convenient to carry with you.
Speed measurement: 0-300KM/H
Range error: ± 0.5M+Dx0.2% (high reflector)
Measurement unit: M (meter), Y (yard)
Altimetry: Yes
Scan ranging function: Yes
Protection grade: IP54
Angle measuring function: +90 degree
Telescope ratio: 7 times
Objective lens caliber: 24.0mm
Eyepiece aperture: 16.0mm
The diameter of the pupil: 3.8mm
Visibility adjustable range: + 5 degrees
Battery: 750 mAh lithium battery
Battery life: recharge / discharge 800 times
Battery working time: 30000 times (full power)
Single machine weight: 197g
Laser wavelength: 905nm
Working temperature: -20°C - 50°C
Field angle: 7 degrees
Display mode: LCD screen
Shape size: approx. 104 X 76.5 X 41 mm/4.09 X 3.01 X 1.61 in
1 X Laser Distance Meter (battery NOT included)
1 X Storage Bag
1 X User Manual
1 X Charging Cable
1 X Lanyard

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