NEW Emulator JET51A 8 bit Flash microcontroller MCU debugger development tools

Emulator JET51A 8 Bit Flash Microcontroller MCU Debugger Development Tools JET51A
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Product Description

Model JET51A emulator
Communication interface USB 2
Chip interface supports single wire (SWE), four wire (JTAG) interface programming and simulation
Online simulation 10Pin JTAG download line
Online programming 10Pin JTAG download line
Offline simulation support
Offline simulation stored on Target Board master
Offline programming is not supported
Production control support
Encryption protection support
Programming seat
Four programming does not support
Support models SH79, SH88 and SH89 full range of FLASH MCU 8BIT, SH68 series MP3/MP4 master and 32BIT master, SH99F1XX and SH99F2XX series ES master,
Specific look at the "JET51A chip support table"
PC programming software using Keil C51 simulation and programming
Programming language support assembly + C
Operating system WIN NT/2000/XP/7/8
Other features (1) emulator with programming download function
(2) support for multiple breakpoints
(3) support for user serial number, user ID function
Sales list (1) JET51A emulator
(2) USB line
(3) 10PIN JTAG download line

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