15w laser machine with TTL, 5500mw Laser engraver, 1600mw 2500mw DIY Mini Engraving Machine, 40*50cm Area PMW

500mw 2500mw 3000mw Laser Power DIY Mini Laser Engraving Machine 40 50cm Engraving Area Mini Marking
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Product Description

15w laser machine with TTL,5500mw Laser engraver,1600mw 2500mw DIY Mini Laser Engraving Machine, 40*50cm Engraving Area with PMW

Warm nocetice: this machine is send unassembled, we will send assemble instruction and software by email, it is easy assamble and operate

This kind of laser engraving machine can not be carved the following materials: Metals (thickness), stone, ceramic, jewelry, jade, reflective material, colorless, transparent material, soft material This kind of laser engraving machine can engrave the following materials: Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horn, part of the cortex (purse), plastic following, rubber seal, photosensitive seal, sponge, paper, etc

NOTE: this control board can adjust laser power

500mw-5500mw parameter:
Wavelength: 450nm
LD doide input current: 1-3A input
power supply: 12V DC
​TTL: 0v on,5v off frequency
Focus: Yes
15w parameter
power supply: 12v DC
focused beam:from 0.5-10mm adjustable
Wave length:450NM
Power currect:limit less 6A (we send power supply is 5A)
LD doide current input:4-5A
TTL frequency:0v on 5v off
laser power: impulse=15W, really power average 6-7w output.
NOTE: the 15w laser will with two lens, black focus lens+copper bigger power lens=2 lens, fix the bigger power lens it will output bigger power than black lens,will can cut more depth on wood. this laser machine better for engrave and cutting, we will not promise 15w can engrave on metal, so pls donot buy this machine for metal engrave.
NOTE2: the aluminum profile=total 5pieces=2pcs 2020 type; 3pieces 2040 type. see the last photo below.

1 x Laser machine 40*50m

1 x goggles

1 x bigger power lens(only for 15w)

1 x laser module select (15w 500mw 1600mw 2500mw 3000mw 4000mw 5000mw)

1 x instruction document(send by email)

1 x power supply 12v 5A(15w will with two power supply)

working area can customize