Homeowners Insurance Buying Tips

Most individuals that own a home have come to realize how important it is to maintain an adequate level of coverage that will provide the desired amount of protection, but few people realize that there are extenuating circumstances and scenarios that may require some additional planning and thought.

Many homeowners don’t stop to think about the various situations that may warrant a re-evaluation of their property insurance. For example, most individuals that decide to rent out their homes simply fail to understand that their homeowners’ insurance policy may be lacking in some areas. Some insurance companies have additional regulations and riders that must be utilized when a property is no longer used as a primary residence, and there often are higher premiums attached to this change. Homeowners need to be sure that they know who will be responsible for various types of situations that could result in financial or physical liability.

While the actions required may not appear to be drastic to most homeowners, the simple truth is that failure to comply could result in a claim being denied or coverage being terminated. Mortgage life insurance is another type of product or program that is designed to help protect a property by paying off the entire amount owed in the event of the policyholder’s death. Although there are some obvious benefits to mortgage life insurance, there are also some things that require careful consideration as well. Many mortgage life insurance policies will only provide a death benefit payable to the creditor and the premiums may be fairly high when compared to other types of life insurance. Families that have more than one income earning member should be aware that they may actually need separate policies to cover all possible worst case scenarios. The most obvious benefit is that homeowners can rest assured that their mortgage will be taken care of in the event of death, and this can often serve as a comfort to surviving spouses.

Some homeowners are certainly more likely to benefit from mortgage life insurance than others and the most common clients are those that worry about the ability to pay for a mortgage if there is a significant reduction in income. Many families depend on two incomes and would not be able to make ends meet with anything less. Single individuals may not be as interested in protecting their home from foreclosure in the event of death.

There are some families that may not owe very much on their home, and these clients may be better suited by another insurance product. While many people use various types of term life products to provide protection for their home, it has also become increasingly popular to use other types of whole life insurance and return of premium life. Consumers have realized that when the mortgage is paid off, the other life insurance products available can continue to extend coverage and will simply pay death benefits to a beneficiary instead of a creditor.

The proper protection for a home is absolutely not one size fits all and depends on a variety of different factors. A homeowner must ultimately decide what type of insurance products will best serve their needs. No matter what a consumer decides to do, the steps should be taken to ensure that every worst case scenario has been thought of and prepared for.